Synthesis and Crystallization of Energetic Compounds

     The  design, sythesis, crystallization and technology of energetic compounds are of  important in the  development of explosives. A new energetic molecular design criterion, named bonding & non-bonding coupled molecular stiffness-compliance method was established. Eight new energetic compounds were synthesized in the strategy of linked rings. Four classes of hepergolic ionic liquids have been synthesized, which show great application potential as green rocket propellant fuels. Great breakthough was made in the technology of TATB and LLM-105, incuding the new rounte explored of LLM-105. Moreover, seven CL-20 based cocrystals have been prepared through cocrystallization by means of slow evaporation of solvents. Cocrystal explosives offer an effective method to synthesize and tune the properties for energetic materials. Two novel energetic metal-organic frameworks were also systhezied by the self-assemble of energetic organic ligands and metal salts, which show  excellent performance in priming, photoluminescence and dye degradation.

Fig.1 The structures of energetic compounds synthesized (A); The structures of

new energetic liquids(B);

Fig.2 The structures of energetic MOFs (A); The images of cocrystals(B);