Polymer Bonded Explosives (PBXs)

      In order to reduce the sensitivity of CL-20 and HMX, in situ polymerization and spray drying techniques were adopted to prepare CL-20/MF, HMX/MF, CL-20/TATB and HMX/TATB composites with excellent core-shell coating structure, resulting the efficient desensitization. MWCNTs was used in the TATB based PBXs and displayed an improved strength, tenacity and creep resistance. A series of HMX based casted PBXs were explored with outstanding perfoemance in explosive energy, safety and casting molding property.

a) Storage modulus of MWCNTs/F2314; b) 0.5% MWCNTs/TATB based PBX; three-point bending creep strain curves under c) 6MPa and d) 7MPa