Design and Preparation of Polymer Foams

      For this year, three kinds of polymer foams -thermalplastic polyetherimide foam, thermosetting epoxy foam and silicon rubber foam- have been investigated by the control of cell structure and design of evaluation method of thermo sensitivity. The results of the foams were demostrated as follows.

 SEM micrographs of microcellular PEIEAGMA foams. (A) PEI/EAGMA=100/0; (B) PEI/EAGMA=95/5; (C) PEI/EAGMA=90/10; (D) PEI/EAGMA=85/15; (E) PEI/EAGMA=80/20.

Cell structure and DMA curves of epoxy foams with different content of SiO2.

 Thermo sensitivity of polysiloxane/silica nanocomposites affected by the structure of polymer-filler interface